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Welcome to Melies!
Melies is a 2D compositing application for film and video work where the main objective is rendering speed and flexible design not features.

User Interface
In Melies the compositing process is edited as a directed acylic graph where nodes represent image operations and connecting edges depict flow of image information. Melies can either be run in GUI mode for interactive editing of the graph and previewing of comps or in command-line batch mode.

Procedural Compositing
The graphs interactivly edited in the user interface is saved as human readable script files. And the Melies renderer features full support for expression and control structures in scriptfiles.

Pixel Perfection
Melies take advantage of the OpenEXR "half" pixel format (compatible with NVIDIA Cg's 16-bit float per channel) for image manipulation and display. Melies use a fast reverse mapping algorithm that only evaluate the scanlines that will actually end up in the output image. To speed things up extensive caching is done after each image operation so reevaluation of nodes with the same settings is avoided.

Beneath the Hood
Melies is written in C++ with use of STL, RTTI and contract programming. Melies also feature total GUI separation via a plugin mechanism where all GUIs live in dynamically loaded libraries. Currently the only GUI developed is the standard FLTK based.

Copyright © 2002-2003 Anders Dahnielson